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Cats in Tai O

大澳 Tai O is a fishing village located on an island with the same name west of Lantau Island, which is west of Hong Kong Island. There are no tall buildings here. Just narrow streets lined with houses. Some are built on stilts with boats parked behind them. I island-hopped my way to Tai O to see the famous white dolphins. But first, I spotted many stray cats in Tai O.

Thanks to volunteers of the nonprofit group, 大澳流浪貓之家 Tai O Stray Cat Home, the stray cat population in Tai O has been under control. The organization traps, neuters, and returns the strays. They are fed regularly. Sometimes, human-friendly cats would get adopted. It’s no wonder that the stray cats in Tai O were as relaxed as the fishing village, and they all have their favorite spots to nap and space to roam.

大澳流浪貓之家 Tai O Stray Cat Home大澳流浪貓之家 Tai O Stray Cat Home Facebook Page

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