Tai O Stray Cat Home

Cat in Tai O

大澳 Tai O is an island near the Hong Kong International Airport, even closer to the airport than Hong Kong Island. Yet, it is a world away from the cosmopolitan city. There is no skyscrapers here. Some of the houses along the shore are built on stilts.

Most visitors, like myself, come to Tai O to explore its fishing village and hope to catch a glimpse of a pink dolphin in its surrounding water. From the closest bus station, which is located on Lantau Island, we all have to cross a short footbridge before reaching the village's bustling marketplace. Beyond the stores selling all sorts of snacks and dried goods, there are quiet streets leading to temples and hiking trails.

Cats on Tai O enjoy the serenity of the island immensely. They walk in and out of doors open. They sleep wherever they please. Sometimes they even go to the temples. You can see them everywhere. But this also means many of them are homeless. Volunteers of the nonprofit group, 大澳流浪貓之家 Tai O Stray Cat Home, took into their hands the responsibility to help Tai O's stray population. They set up different feeding stations for the cats. They also trap, neuter, and return the strays. Through their efforts, they hope to control the strays population and promote cat adoption.


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