Pink Dolphin Watching in Tai O

Tai O Boat Excursion
Tai O Boat Excursion

Pink dolphins (Sousa chinensis) are also known as 中華白海豚 Chinese white dolphins. Their colors vary in shades of pale pink and white. One would think they should be very easy to spot against the jade green water surrounding Tai O. But that was not the case.

Immediately off the footbridge connecting Lantau Island and Tai O, 大澳小艇遊 Tai O Boat Excursion boats were ready to take visitors to spot the pink dolphins. The excursions ran throughout the year weather permitting. Our captain first took us on a cruise through the channels of Tai O before reaching Pearl River Estuary. Out in the open water, he slowed down the boat as we all looked for the pink dolphins. Sometimes he even stopped with the boat and turned off the engine. As we sat silently listening to the waves rocking our boat, we saw something akin to a pale pink pillow suddenly appeared out of the water and just as quickly dove back beneath the surface. The pink dolphin came and went in one quick swoosh. Minutes later, we saw perhaps a different pink dolphin doing the same thing. We caught just two quick glimpses, but they were the best souvenirs from Tai O.

Stilt Houses in Tai O
Houses on Stilts in Tai O


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