Horseback Riding on Lava

Riding a Icelandic Horse on Lava
Riding a Icelandic Horse on Lava

Just so you know, I wasn’t expecting to see red hot bubbling magma when I signed up for Íshestar’s Lava Tour. I did think I might see steam escaping cracks of the earth’s surface from the geothermal beneath. But there was neither.

Soon after sunrise, capitalizing on as much limited February daylight as possible, Íshestar staff picked me up from my hotel in Reykjavík and brought me to their horse center in Hafnarfjörður. Everyone on Lava Tour were fitted for boots and helmets and soon we were introduced to the famous Icelandic horses.

Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horses are shorter and wider in proportion to other horse breeds, which is why they are referred to as Icelandic ponies as well. They have long manes and shaggy coats in many different colors. They are all so cute!

Once we rode off, I started looking for signs of geothermal – a geyser maybe. Nothing. The landscape was marron with a dusting of grass green. Then I realized that I was already on a field of lava. It has long cooled down from its glowing magma form. It’s now the black stones beneath the Icelandic horses’ hooves.

Lava Tour Landscape

Icelandic Pony


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